So here I am once more in the playground of the broken hearts One more experience, one more entry in a diary, self-penned..........As you grow up and leave the playground Where you kissed your prince and found your frog Remember the jester that showed you tears, The script for tears....... There's a point in your life, you got to reach and when you do, you know it, and now I'm here,If I held out my heart and offered my hand would you take it, if I showed you the stars would you follow, let me show you the way to the thirteenth star.

I follow the thirteenth star.

"...there are times when Fish produces moments of such magic that you realize that only a veteran would know how to deliver such a moving experience after all these years." (Britsound)

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lørdag 2. oktober 2010

15.oktober nærmer seg....Mick Pointer's Marillion kommer til Oslo

Frontmann Brian Cummins er en troverdig Fish-imitator med alle de originale teatralske effektene på plass. Denne kvelden vil også Mark Wilkinson, mannen som står bak albumcovere til band som Marillion, Fish, Judas Priest og Iron Maiden være tilstede for å selge og signere sin nye bok "Shadowplay".

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